So this happened today at Fenway Park. Loved every minute.

These Red Sox are so much fun to watch.

This is not the season I was afraid we’d be having - loving the beards & home runs.

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Jonny Gomes

Walk off. Nice!

Excellent quote from Jason Gay’s WSJ piece, and oh so true (not that I have any problem with this, just to be clear). And also, this from the comments: “It will be great to have Mr. Valentine in the dugout and out of the announcing booth. Maybe we can concentrate on enjoyment of the game…” 

"Bobby Valentine has managed for 15 years and his teams have been in first place in September for a total of one day"

red sox - In the end, Sox should have stuck with Francona - WEEI | Kirk Minihane

Last post about this absurd move by the Sox. Maybe. 

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Only 80 days til pitchers & catchers report, at which point I fear it’ll be all Bobby, all the time. Just ask him.

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Get ready, St. Louis, here comes Terry Francona!

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"I was a drug addict and an alcoholic, and I never once thought about drinking a beer during a game. Never even thought of it. If I’d have done that, I would have had Yaz or Jim Rice slap me in the head."

Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd, Boston Globe 10/23/11

An Oil Can classic.

Ain’t that the pathetic truth!

Ain’t that the pathetic truth!

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Just saw that it’s official, the Sox aren’t exercising their option on Tito’s contract. Makes me sad. And maybe it’s what he wanted. But he deserved a public show of support from the front office, beyond the lip service Theo paid him last night. Just saying. I hope he goes to the Cubs & skippers them to a World Series title. It’s their turn.

And now, it it no longer baseball season. Love, Kim

»Update: Front office just announced that there’s nothing to announce for the time being. I hope there’s nothing to announce, ever. We’ll see…


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